Father Jayapaul preached Spiritual Exercises in English to 20 women (including a mom with her 3 daughters!), at the Precious Blood Monastery.

A short testimony:

The experience this past weekend was lovely and as I begin to put into practice all we have learned, I pray it will become a fruitful experience as well. Meditation and journaling are 2 devotional practices I have not yet mastered so the Spiritual Exercises Retreat has given me many tools to use to refine the art of meditation towards the goal of my spiritual growth. Fr. J was a wonderful instructor and his quiet, yet passionate demeanor was very appropriate for the purpose of communicating the proper spirit of meditation. I believe the facility and the people we encountered during the retreat also created the perfect atmosphere for the lessons. And it was an indescribable joy to get to briefly meet and talk with the rest of the Sisters after mass. The spirit that surrounds all of you is radiant and lovely and has given me a special memory of the event. I thank you and the other Servants of the Lord Sisters, lovely Gloria, Fr. J and Fr. Evans for creating and presenting a wonderful experience all around.

Many, many thanks and I pray your sweet group of ladies is especially blessed for your devotion to this ministry.


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